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What is BIO - technology?

In the simplest forms, biotechnology refers to the practices and the processes of the biotech industry that harness the living organisms i.e. animal, plants, bacteria for useful intentions. The word bio technology is self explanatory i.e. bio means life and technology means the application of science. Bio technology is a broad category which provides breakthrough products in the medical industry i.e. many vaccines to diseases which were previously untreatable hence combat incapacitating and rare diseases, moderate our environment imprint, heal the needy, use safer and cleaner energy methods and more efficient manufacturing processes, to produce biofuels and chemicals from renewable biomass which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biotechnology Research and Development Limited

Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is currently one of the fastest growing biotechnology trading collaboration which is based on the tripartite pillar of research, innovation and development leading to the all round development of all the species. It is a unique center in the United States which brings together all the institutions working in the field of biotechnology, educational centers, organizations and imparts development in all the arenas i.e. agriculture, industry, healthcare, environmental products.
It is involved in the three basic function i.e. to Promote, Pioneer and Provide.


Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is a strong medium which serves the all round needs of the small and medium sized biotech companies which are still at their nascent stage of development by providing support, critical analysis of their products, getting their products sanctioned and to bring them in the market. These companies require an enclosure of environment which has a progressive outlook and Biotechnology Research and Development Limited acts as a building block by nurturing and developing programs to assist them periodically,to remove the obstacles in the research path, bring together strong investments and working together for the best interest of the members of the biotech fraternity. Biotechnology Research and Development Limited adds allures to already blooming American biotech industry by dealing with every matter as a priority issue.Among the priority issues are matters which concern the healthcare- related monitoring and compensation schemes, epidemic vigilance, publicly funded scientific research and sponsoring for public policies.


Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is a pioneer in biotech and biomedical innovation. The primordial goal of our organization is to encourage, discover and transform clean up technologies and use of more efficient methods i.e. use of industrial enzymes, conversion of biomass energy and chemicals. We at Biotechnology Research and Development Limited work constantly and with full efficiency from the micro to the macro level. At micro level we work with the budding biotech industries and educational centers for a more collaborative research and together we strife towards the macro level i.e. creating a more equitable and clean environment which does not degrade the environment instead heals the species, pioneer medical outbreaks and recycle, rejuvenate the environment - benefiting altogether.


Biotechnology Research and Development Limitedprovides Employment opportunities thereby creating new job breaks in the biotech industry. It provides for speedy investment enclosures by removing the institutional and organizational, administrative blocks by becoming a bridge between the developers, researchers and investors, helping securing patents for eligible and deserving parties. Its efficiency is doubled by its constant endeavors visible in the form of conventions, courses, seminars and meetings with the global leaders and companies, bringing together the experienced and the young researchers thereby creating a flexible academic association.

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What we offer & Why Choose Us

We are one of the fastest growing business in the field of Research and Development. Here's Why.


We are working together to make this planet sustainable, healthy and disease free. Biotechnology involves not only the creation of drugs, better hybrids and curing rare diseases. We at Biotechnology Research and Development Limited take up the initiative to create tools and master research so that we can not only cure the people from the diseases but discover breakthrough tools through which we can replenish and cureour natural resources, creating better instruments for disease detection and promoting methods to maintain healthy and secure environment for everyone.


We bring together world’s leading biotechnology companies, institutions, experts, state and regional organizations, investors under one roof and under one manifesto: to reciprocate knowledge and awareness, which is the building block which fosters any sound collaboration.


We have created our print in the biotech community by nourishing the world and the environment especially in the field of agriculture, healthcare and efficient manufacturing. We are successful in our efforts of refining and facilitating better farming practices, creating higher crop yields, lowering the chemicals intake and developing crops with better nutrition content. In the field of healthcare and manufacturing we have been successful in creating drugs, better awareness, promotion and escalating the process of patent authentication which is leading to create better health opportunities for the people.


Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is a pioneer in biotech and biomedical innovation. We work for our better and healthier future. Ours is a non profit organization and our goal remains to excel, innovate and create better resources for the coming generation.

Brilliant track record

We have a brilliant track record which shows our commitment towards our initiative and goal of our enterprise. We provide:

1. Cost effective programs.

2. Benefit strategies.

3. Better investment plans.

4. Instant grievance redressal.

Business Development

Biotechnology Research and Development Limited has a well-organized and proficient network of corporate members, service providers and leading intellectual elites excelling in the field of biotechnology, altogether which muster the success of the business in the filed of biotechnology, research and innovation and provide for better job opportunities and avenues of novelty.