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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question


Biostry i.e Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is a leading trading organization in the field of Biotechnology, Research and Innovation. It’s an organization that is currently assisting thousands of big and small companies worldwide in matters of expertise, patent authentication and pooling better investment opportunities.
Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is a cost efficient, investment oriented platform which provides better investment prospects, membership benefits, significant discounts to its users. It brings together all the institutions working in the field of Biotechnology, Educational centers, organizations and imparts development in all the arenas i.e. Agriculture, Industry, Healthcare, Environmental Products.
Anybody can become a part of Biostry from anywhere around the world.
You can open an account by simply clicking on Become a Member button on the top right of your screen or by visiting the following link Fill the Registration Form and Submit it. You'll get an activation link sent to your registered email, you will need to click on the link to activate your account. Once activated you can use the Login Credentials to Login to your Backoffice.
You can create an unlimited number of accounts. Yet, it is prohibited to create new accounts to receive fake partner commissions. If we find out about this type of an action on your behalf, your accounts will be blocked, and your funds will be frozen.
Bitcoins is the first decentralized digital currency created in 2009, that’s being used by people all over the world making instant transactions without involving any third party. It offers lower transaction fees than the traditional online payment methods.
You can use Bitcoins to make a deposit. Click on New Deposit tab on your Backoffice or visit here Select the Package, we're only running 1 Package i.e Biotechnology Revenue Package Contract, Enter the Amount, then select whether you want to make a deposit from your Biostry Wallet OR Bitcoin Wallet. In case of Biostry Wallet, simple select the option and click Proceed. If you want to make a deposit via your Bitcoin Wallet, select Bitcoin from the options and click on Proceed. Then it will generate a Bitcoin Wallet Address for you where you will need to send your deposit. After you've sent you will be automatically redirected to your Backoffice Dashboard and you deposit will become Active.
The minimum deposit accepted is 0.001 BTC.
Since we're using Bitcoins for accepting deposits, it may take upto 60 minutes for your deposit to get all the required confirmations and reflect on your backoffice.
Visit the Withdrawal Page i.e in your Backoffice and withdraw the funds.
The minimum Withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC.
Yes, there is a Withdrawal Fee of 3%.
Goto your Edit Profile page i.e and Add your Bitcoin Wallet Address where you want to withdraw your earnings in the relevant section and update your profile.
Please be assured at Biotechnology Research and Development Limited. The investment and this system will grow on the basis of your and the members’ contributions. We request you not to share your identity details i.e. your username and password with anyone.
The Security Code is used for Editing and Updating your Profile and will also be required at the time of Withdrawal. We've made sure that your account is Safe & Secured.
Incase you forget your Security Code, you can send a Support Ticket to us and we will resolve the issue for you ASAP. But keep the Security Code safe to avoid any inconvenience.
Our services are available to everyone who wants to make a difference to the society, environment and in field of technology, research and a better and sustainable future.
Biotechnology Research and Development Limited works with potential companies whether small or large scale to assist them in policy initiatives, removing the structural barriers in getting patents and delivering access to potential investors.
You can contact us by leaving your location and email address and we can let you know that whether your company is eligible for availing the benefits and services of our programs. If your company will be meeting our criteria you will be directed to a page where you can have all the information that you require. Many state and regional biotechnology associations have partnered with us and have benefitted with our programs and services.
Our support staff works 20+ Hours 7 Days a Week to make sure we assist you whenever you need us. We're available through LIVE Chat Support on the Biostry Website. Also you can drop us an email. We'll soon be available on Social Medias like Youtube, Intagram and Skype as well.
We have professionally designed Banners and PowerPoint presentations which you can use to promote Biostry. Also we have Ready-To-Use Text Ads available as well.
You will earn 6%, 4% and 2% on Level 1, level 2 and Level 3 respectively.
No, you can still promote the website and earn affiliate commissions without making any deposit.