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Protecting your information is our primary concern at Biotechnology Research and Development Limited. While creating our terms and privacy policy we make sure that we adhere to strict legal as well as moral ethics. The information we provide is simple to understand which will help our members, partners and anonymous users to understand our services and goals better. Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is now a part of the elite pioneering biotechnology industry and we want to make sure that we resolve and reflect altogether. Reflect to our users what services we are providing and how we are contributing to the world and at the same time resolving the issues pertaining to the better functioning of our organization as a whole.


Welcome to Biotechnology Research and Development Limited! We have a legal as well as a moral responsibility towards our members and we would like to clear it before you confirm your commitments with us. Before becoming the member, you should go through the terms and conditions and accept them. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY TERMS OR PRACTICES DESCRIBED IN THIS PRIVACY POLICY, OR BIOSTRY’ TERMS OF USE, THEN PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SERVICES.You agree to our TERMS by accessing, or using our services, features.

Registration with Biotechnology Research and Development Limited

The first step towards becoming a member of our organization is by completing the registration process. By registering you make the process easier for both the parties as it is the sign for building of a trust worthy coalition between ‘you’ and ‘us’. After we have confirmed your registration with us we shall provide you with an account for which you shall have the confidential username, password. Every activity will be securely monitored and you will be provided with the transaction details for every activity you make in your account. We want you to secure your account details as you will be held accountable for protecting it.

Information Accuracy

As we have already made clear that Biotechnology Research and Development Limitedis a collaborative enterprise and we have a strong reliance on the third parties. We make sure that the information and data that we provide is correct, accurate and timely updated but we have the right to amend, update or remove the date at any time. What we demand from you is a timely check of our terms and conditions as the information is subject to modification, removal or up gradation. Our services and networks are very diverse and there is a high chance that certain links on our website may direct you to sites on which we have no control on the information provided. These hypertext links are provided for your accessibility and usage and do not demand or certify any validation by Biotechnology Research and Development Limited ANYHOW. Biotechnology Research and Development Limited has no liability or responsibility for any other websites which maybe accessed through the Biotechnology Research and Development Limited site.

Using our Services

DON’T MISUSE OUR SERVICES. Becoming a member at Biotechnology Research and Development Limited does not give you ownership of the intellectual property rights in our Services. We believe in working in a helpful transparent environment and you are not allowed to use our content from our services unless you obtain permission from the Owner at Biotechnology Research and Development Limited. Please don’t try to remove, obscure or alter any legal notices displayed along side our services.

Social Media Disclaimer

You can connect and follow us on various social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. We don’t support/ confirm/ allow any transaction of whatsoever form i.e. disclosure of account identifiers, account information or transactions through these mediums. Any disclosure of confidential information is prohibited and if disclosed Biotechnology Research and Development Limited is not responsible for the loss. We are not responsible to the links and ads which are attached on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn account. Use of any third- part site/media, software and material is at your own risk. The mentioned social networking sites are avenues for opinions and anonymous responses therefore the reliance of the information contained in them is at the sole discretion of the viewer.


Other than clearly mentioned in the Terms and Services, neither Biotechnology Research and Development Limited nor its partners, stakeholders, suppliers make any sort of specific promises about the services.

Anti- Spam Policy

We have a zero tolerance spam policy. This means that all the registered members and the users who have subscribed with the email id provided their consent to receive further communication of information. Registered accounts can be terminated for sending any kind of unsolicited email messages.